The Ojibwa WaY

Kindness, Respect, Fair Play & Trustworthiness



  • All campers have worth and dignity.
  • All campers can succeed and achieve.
  • Campers mature in different ways and at different rates.
  • Camp shapes life long attitudes and behaviors, and helps to make men out of boys.
  • The camping experience contributes significantly to the development of the whole person.
  • Campers need active participation in a challenging, exciting, and positive environment.
  • Building self-esteem for all campers is a primary mission of the camping experience.



  • Ojibwa prides itself on the intense family feeling – camaraderie. the number of
    returning campers and staff; life long friendships and camp memories – once Ojibwa always Ojibwa.
  • Positive and significant interactions between our older and younger campers – formal activities such as the olympics and collegiate week as well during off times like playing catch together, telling stories, hanging out at the bench and more.
  • A part of the Ojibwa family during adolescent years minimizes risk of getting into trouble, feeling lost or feeling lonesome – all are major risk factors in nowadays youths lives. furthermore our campers and staff know they always have people to turn to when they are in need – day or night, year-round, forever!
  • Becoming a member of our family for one summer, most likely means that a camper will come back – year after year – and develop a sense of belonging and being appreciated in a broader social context.
  • We strive to do our best, never give up, and respect our opponent. fierce-some competition in a supportive environment means that you are respected for doing your best and striving further. it also means we always aim to build rather diminish.
  • Our culture encourages effort and aiming for excellence, but, puts friendship and brotherhood above all else.
  • We believe one of the most important lessons a child can learn in our modern society, where short-term gratification diminishes our ability to strive forward, work hard and consistently, to achieve a goal.
  • We believe that the balance we have reached allows our campers to learn that they can achieve more than they thought possible with hard work and without compromising their values.
  • That winning the game is not as important as loving the game.