Ojibwa Scouting Report – 7/5


Camp is in full-swing. These past couple of days have demonstrated that we are in mid-summer form. So much has happened that we want to tell you about, and yet there is still so much more to come. Over the past 4 days we have had the following activities:

  • Cabin 14 Dells Trip
  • Red/Blue
  • Fourth of July
  • Olympic Head Coaches
  • Chippewa Social
  • Start of Playoffs

As part of our oldest camper cabin, our Cabin 14’ers get the opportunity to spend two nights in the Wisconsin Dells. In the Dells, they go to Noah’s Arc, and Mt. Olympus amusement parks, and tour around Wisconsin Dells together. It is a great treat for them to get the opportunity, and all campers aspire to be able to go on that trip.

While Cabin 14 is away, the Cabin 13 campers host their annual Red/Blue competition. The cabin has a ceremony to reveal the captains and to reveal which team each Cabin 13 member is on. This summer Nate G and Luke G were captains. The cabin participates in various activities from a Zipline ball drop, where they try to throw a tennis ball into a garbage can from the Zipline, to a paintball battle. Each event is worth points and the losing team had to serve the winners a steak dinner in the Mess Hall. At the end of the day, the stories and memories created from this Red/Blue will be shared for many years to come.

Fourth of July is a special day at Ojibwa. To start, DJ Boo Wass, DJ ML, and MC AG got the vibe bumping by pumping out tunes starting at Reveille. The energy was high the entire day. Festivities began with our annual Warrior Run where we set up a course throughout camp and the campers, and staff run the mile long path to complete. Following the run, each cabin held their own Egg Toss competition to select their representatives in the all camp Egg Toss. Cabins 1-14 all participated through several rounds when finally the team from Cabin 13, Mall/Frank, took the victory by throwing and catching the egg about 30 yards. After lunch we held our annual Book of Records where each cabin selects a Camp Ojibwa Record to try to beat. Some of the activities were: Most jumps off the high dive, most water baskets made, most hockey goals from half court, tallest sand castle, most pinners home runs, and many others. After Book of Records the pie-eating contest took place, where Brandon R finished his pie the fastest. The kids had a blast trying to beat the standing records. The weather didn’t break and the heat was persistent so we hosted an all camp swim featuring the famous “Hose-off with Losoff.” Our Fourth of July celebration continued with our famous foot-long hot dog picnic buffet. After dinner, each cabin created a Circus booth where campers and staff came around to try their hand at playing. By the end of the day the campers were fulfilled- it was a day of wonderful activities, amazing food, all shared with your Ojibwa brothers.

As a special Fourth of July surprise, we kicked off our Camp Ojibwa Olympics and announced our Head Coaches, who then selected their countries. Here are our 2019 Camp Ojibwa Olympics Head Coaches:

  • Zach L – Hungary
  • Isaac R – Israel
  • Matt R – Great Britain
  • Grant A – Belize
  • Sam K – Italy
  • Noah K – Spain
  • Returning Champion Coaching duo, Pawel S and Jordan R – Poland
  • Brett S – Ukraine

Our first social of the summer was July 3rd, with Chippewa Ranch Camp. So many of our campers have siblings, cousins and many friends that it was a great reunion. Monster Entertainment provided the music for the evening and kept the campers dancing the whole night.

The week is coming to an end, as well as first session, which means the beginning of our Playoffs.

This first session has flown by and we can not believe that visiting weekend is next Friday! For those of you coming up, we look forward to seeing you.

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to Joey at

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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