Ojibwa Scouting Report – End of Week 5


The old adage, “time flies when you are having fun”, comes to life here at Ojibwa. Hard to believe that we are 5 weeks down and the campers are leaving in two and a half weeks. We are going to do everything we can to squeeze as much into our remaining time, and finish this session as strong as it has started. This week wasn’t without its own highlights.

“THE WEEK STARTS NOW” chants could be heard rumbling through camp since the start of the session, but yesterday marked the official start of Collegiate Week festivities. At the Town Meeting, our all camp get together every Sunday, our head coaches were selected and they chose the colleges that they hope to lead to victory on 8/6. Your 2019 Collegiate Week Teams and Coaches are:

  • Texas – Head Coach: Zach Dolnick
  • Air Force – Head Coach: Noah Kaplan
  • Hawaii – Head Coach: Zach Rothenberg
  • Kentucky – Head Coach: Adam Gold
  • Nevada – Head Coach: Jackson Kramer
  • Oregon – Head Coach: Isaac Rothstein
  • UCLA – Head Coach: Seth Humerick
  • North Carolina – Head Coach: Noah Andre
  • Michigan State – Head Coach: Sam Kleinmuntz
  • Indiana – Head Coach: Jordan Raye

Also at Town Meeting we named several Honor Cabins. A cabin wins honor cabin by being nominated by their staff. To win Honor Cabin, the campers must not only score well in Cabin Clean-up, but they also go above and beyond that week around camp. This week, cabins helped clean the mess hall, distribute cookies for every cabin, demonstrate great cabin bonding, and be kind to each other. The staff awarded the following cabins this week:

  • Cabin 1
  • Cabin 4
  • Cabin 6
  • Cabin 9
  • Cabin 10
  • Cabin 11
  • Cabin 13 – Typically Cabins 13 and 14 don’t get rewarded but the staff have been so impressed with Cabin 13’s leadership and enthusiasm this first week and wanted to recognize their efforts.

Honor cabins will get their reward, a trip to town for a movie and dinner, during Tuesday’s Activity Day.

This weekend we hosted our last Father & Son program. All of the Father’s and Sons who attended experienced the impact of Camp Ojibwa. They came in as strangers, and by the end of the weekend, they were making plans to get together at a BBQ later this summer. We were in awe, watching this group come together, in such a short time. The rain didn’t hold us back, and the group got a full experience with the climbing wall, Zipline, archery, arts and crafts, waterfront, kickball with Cabin 1, S’mores, trampoline basketball, shuffleboard, and playing catch on diamond 2. The staff and campers welcomed our Fathers and Sons and loved having them visit.

This week, we said goodbye to our one week campers. These campers, aged 7-10, who started on day 1 of the second session experienced Ojibwa as if they were full time four week campers. They moved into a Cabin with other second session campers, were put onto Peach League teams, and participated in all Camp Ojibwa activities. They were an incredible group, who blended right into the Ojibwa brotherhood and there was a lot of emotion saying goodbye to them on Sunday. All of them wished they could stay longer, and look forward to coming back in 2020! Needless to say, we can’t wait to have them back as well.

As we look ahead, the program kicks into high gear this week with Swim prelims for Collegiate Week’s Swim Meet, ending of regular season league play, league playoffs, Collegiate Week Assistant Coaches, and many fun late evening activities planned.

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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