Ojibwa Scouting Report – Halftime


Surreal that tonight is the last night of First Session. It feels like the boys were running off the buses yesterday, but here we are, program completed, campers packing, and the buses arriving to bring home our First Session campers tomorrow. Happy tears and sad goodbyes are present and the sentiment among many of our four week campers is that they wish they could stay. Music to our ears.

Today, like every other day this session, was packed with activities. The day started with our last Olympic Activity period which saw both Italy and Poland sweep SV, JV and Prep victories to try to put their teams in a position to win. Following the activity period was the infamous Obstacle Course which has made, and broken, many an Olympic title. The obstacle course was filled with drama. The wind was howling creating additional challenges for many of the featured obstacles. Water hoops, the most famous for ruining a team’s obstacle time, proved most challenging. But some overcame the challenge. Namely the duos of Ethan A and Jack M who shot 2 for 9, and Billy R and Hayden K who were able to complete the obstacle 2 for 12. Both Ethan and Billy had two of the three top performances shooting 2 for 3. Hard to describe how incredible this accomplishment was in these elements, with 25 MPH gusts. Another notable performance was Bryan B and Dylan F going 2 for 4 on Horseshoe ringers, dominating every other team at that step of the race. Each team ran a great race, but ultimately, Poland had the fastest Obstacle time, beating the nearest competitor by about 2 minutes.

When the events were over and the scores tallied, Poland and their head coaches, Pawel S and Jordan R, led their team to victory, back to back for the coaching duo. It was Captain Billy R’s back-to-back Olympic win as well, his first as a Captain.

Later this evening, we watched our weekly highlight videos. We premiered our week four video to the campers, which we will send out later this weekend. Campers then headed to the beach for our annual closing ceremony where each cabin created a design and then spoke about what it meant to their cabin and their summer. If you are friends with Ojibwa on Instagram, you can watch the event from our Instagram Live stream, available until tomorrow.

As the summer closes, we can’t thank you enough for allowing your kids to join us at Camp Ojibwa. We hope that as you reunite with your sons tomorrow, you recognize their growth, and hear amazing stories from these past four weeks. We are so excited for second session and look forward to an incredible finish to this amazing summer.

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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