Ojibwa Scouting Report – June 19th


Another stunning day with blue skies and abundant sunshine, and the campers took full advantage. It is days like today where you see the magic of Ojibwa come alive, specifically the time between Rec Period and dinner when everyone has some unstructured free time. You would never know there wasn’t a scheduled activity by the action on the campus. Today we see Matt R and Judd M (cabin 1 staff) hosting 30 kids in a three pillow-base running bases showdown. In front of Cabin 12, Zach C, Dylan G (campers in cabin 11), and Adam G and Steven F (staff men of cabin 11) are playing catch with a football. All the while we have Brady K (cabin 3), Ben S (cabin 7), Ari F (cabin 5) and Noah R (cabin 6) playing an Ojibwa favorite, Spikeball, ( As you continue to scan across the campus, a huge “Week Bench” rap session is spotted. Campers from Cabin 2, 4, 8, 9, 13, 14 along with staff from nearly every cabin gather round to share, and listen to stories of current and former Ojibwa legends.

There are many amazing parts of each day, but this, by far, is our favorite part of every day.

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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