Ojibwa Scouting Report – June 22

Last night was second to none, a classic, action-packed, evening on the camp grounds. Specifically, our late evening program event, THE Cabin vs Cabin Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, where the rock paper scissors champion of each cabin, established through a prelim, represents his cabin during our late evening program in hopes of achieving victory for not only himself, but his entire cabin cheering him on. It was electric. After many rounds of rigorous thought, strategy and prayers, Luke Goshen of Cabin 13 faced off against the notorious rock paper scissors specialist, Bennett Boehm of Cabin 5, in a best of 7 series…

Bennett starts off hot, taking a quick 2-0 lead. Luke, feeling the pressure, calls a time-out to strategize with his cabin mates. After his 30 second time-out, Luke throws back to back papers, covering Bennett’s rocks, tying the series up at 2-2! The rec hall is LOUD; filled with every camper in camp, unconditionally cheering on their favorite competitor. Both competitors square themselves for game 5, “Rock, paper, scissors SHOOT”, and just like that, Bennett Boehm has a 3-2 lead. Cabin 13 is momentarily devastated, with their backs against the wall, they NEED Luke to shake it off and lead them to victory. With no sign of hesitation, Luke throws a confident scissors, strong enough to beat Bennett’s paper, forcing a GAME 7!!! The final hoorah, there couldn’t be a more suspenseful ending. “Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT”, the room goes silent, followed by a ROAR from cabin 13. Luke Goshen did it, defeating Bennett with a rock for the ages. The boys of cabin 13 rush to the lake to take a celebratory jump off the high dive, a cabin victory.

But that wasn’t the only celebration of the night… An even GREATER accolade was recognized last night at dinner: The 10 Year Jacket Ceremony. After 10 years at Ojibwa, one truly knows what it feels like to be apart of the greatest brotherhood on the planet. With that being said, we gave an extremely warm congratulations and personally customized Ojibwa varsity letterman jacket to the following individuals, who we pride ourselves to call brothers: Josh Weinberg (Cabin 8 Staff), Steven “SJ” Jacobson (Cabin 9 Staff), Jonathon “Boo” Wasserman (Cabin 5 Staff), Zach Hirsch (Cabin 5 Staff), Judd Moss (Cabin 1 Staff), Zach Rothenberg (Cabin 2 Staff), Matthew Lansburgh (Cabin 4 Staff), Chad Jex (Cabin 12 Staff), Jeff Lehrman (Cabin 12 Staff). The night also included a special recognition for Pawel Scierski (Cabin 6 Staff), and his 5 years on staff.

Finally, a little bit about Father Son at Ojibwa, which has been taking place on the camp grounds for the last couple days. Zip-lining, Trampoline Basketball, Tubing, Tennis Clinics, Mini Golf, Arts and Crafts, Waterfront, S’mores, an epic capture the flag battle with Cabin 14…and the list could go on forever, but we made sure all Fathers and Sons got to experience a little piece of our day to day programs and what makes Ojibwa so special. Thank you to everyone who showed up. It was, truly, an honor to entertain you all and show off our lovely grounds. We hope you had an amazing experience.

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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