Ojibwa Scouting Report – June 26


Yesterday we had our first Activity Day of the summer. Activity Day is an afternoon that each cabin spends participating together, in an activity of their choice. Activities can range from at-camp sports/activities to an off-camp field trip. A cornerstone of Activity Day is the town trip, for our Honor Cabins, where campers and staff get bussed to town to watch a movie, shop, and have dinner. This week, Cabins 3, 8, and 9 won Honor Cabin, and selected to see Toy Story 4, and then have dinner at various restaurants around town, with their cabin-mates and staff. Our oldest cabins, 13 and 14 had special field trips as well. Cabin 13 joined the Honor cabins in town, at Toy Story 4, and Cabin 14 went to play paintball and have dinner. Cabin 12 took our brand new pontoon boat out for tubing, and then had dinner at a local restaurant on the lake, while Cabin 11 took Red Shark rides around Catfish Lake. Cabin 10 took out kayaks and paddled to a local restaurant on the lake for dinner. Cabin 7 developed a Chopped version of campfire cooking where the campers were broken into 4 teams with mystery ingredients and cooked dinner for themselves and their staff. The food was tasty from everyone, but Lyle W and Austin G created the #1 dish. Cabins 5 and 6 decided to go on an overnighter together, while cabins 2 and 4 played field hockey and archery tag at camp. Cabin 1 had a busy afternoon. It started with an epic kickball game on the campus, that then moved to Arts and Crafts where the campers had to create, and then present to their cabin a piece of artwork. After Arts and Crafts, Cabin 1 moved down to the waterfront to try to log the fastest time on our new waterfront toy, the Obstacle Course.

All in all it was a busy, but incredible afternoon that was capped off by a brief shower producing an incredible double rainbow over the campus. It was quite a sight and one of the most vibrant rainbows we have ever seen in person. Campers and Staff came pouring out of their cabins to take a look, adding to the magic of the moment.

Another busy week ahead, stay tuned for more…

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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