Ojibwa Scouting Report – June 29


The past couple days were epic, really epic, as Trojan/Spartan was underway. The Trojans and Spartans were taken off the battle fields and put onto the athletic fields. This divides the camp into 2 teams, either Trojan or Spartan. This 2 day competition is led by generals, leaders, for both teams. The Trojan generals consisted of Adam Gold (Cabin 12 Staff), Seth Humerick (Cabin 3 Staff), Steve Feldman (Cabin 11 Staff), William Karmin (Cabin 7 Staff). For the Spartans, Austin Anixter (Cabin 7 Staff), Naomi Henderson (Arts and Crafts Director), Zachary Hirsch (Cabin 5 Staff), Duncan Lazarow (Cabin 3 Staff). The day started off with an opening ceremony led by Caesar (Joel), who lit the flame in front of the Mess Hall letting the games begin!

The morning activity started off strong. Cabins 1, 2, 3 and 4 played field-hockey on the main campus. Cabins 5, 6, 7 and 8 competed in flag football on the far fields. Cabins 9, 10, 11, and 12 played floor hockey on the rinks, all while Cabins 13 and 14 played basketball on the Patriot courts.

In the afternoon, activities included horseshoes, ping pong, tug of war and human spelling bee which combined a range of skills, strength, teamwork and finesse; a change of scenery from the main sports campers are used to.

Later, it was the staff’s turn to make an impact. Trojan/Spartan staff competed in basketball, softball, volleyball and tennis, encouraged by the campers gathered around the courts and fields cheering on their teams.

A beautiful, 82 degree and sunny, could not have been better. The campers were all in, fully invested to giving the most effort on the playing fields in hopes for a Trojan or Spartan victory.

In the end, after much competition, camaraderie and effort, the Trojans were victorious. Per tradition, the Spartan generals had to jump off the high dive in front of camp, accepting defeat for the year.

Back in the cabins the competition was over. Trojan or Spartan, it did not matter, there is no competition greater than the brotherhood at Ojibwa.

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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