Ojibwa Scouting Report – Olympiacos Soccer


The First Session momentum continues. All of the campers and staff are anticipating upcoming program features like: Trojan/Spartan, Fourth of July, League Playoffs, and the Ojibwa Olympics. Earlier this week, we were lucky to have our first professional coaches come up for our first clinic of the summer. Overall, the clinics were a huge success. Nikos Mirtsekis and Arnoldo Vasquez, coaches from Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago, came to visit Camp Ojibwa this past week. Nikos played professionally in Greece’s Super League, and Arnoldo currently coaches at Main East and West. Both coaches brought energy and enthusiasm to the grounds, and were able to get our campers excited and engaged. Nikos and Arnoldo took our campers through various exercises and drills, and included several fun games for the campers to play and practice those skills. The highlight was a 30 person game of World Cup with our Grapefruit league. Louie E, put in the winning goal for his country. In addition to our league-wide clinics, the Olympiacos coaches hosted semi-private lessons for some of our more serious soccer players.

If your son is interested in soccer, we would highly recommend Olympiacos Soccer Club. See more information about Olympiacos below, as well as some pictures from the clinics.


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