Ojibwa Scouting Report – The Week Starts NOW!


In anticipation for Collegiate Week, we gave the campers a Late Sleep until 9:30 to help them rest and prepare for the upcoming week. Not all of us took full advantage. The anticipation for Collegiate Week woke some of the campers, and staff, and the buzz was building starting at 8:30. To pass the time, Joey shot some hoops on the Warrior Court with two of our new campers, Sammy H. and Max S. We played 21, and talked about their summer so far. Both of them recounted stories of “wild” tube rides and told me their favorite tube boat drivers were Michael Gillett and Luke Crawford. We talked about The Week and they couldn’t wait to see what team they were on.

After the rest of the camp awoke and had breakfast, we took Championship team pictures and then had a Rec Period. At Rec Period, Cabins 7, 9 and 10 were practicing Volleyball, in preparation for The Week. Others were playing tennis, basketball, and many were at the Waterfront. It was a great lead-in for Collegiate Week.

During our famous Chicken Pattie lunch the anticipation was building. Our Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Captains all ate early and then head off-site to complete the draft. After Rest Period, the coaches came back and we started the forming of the teams. It is hard to describe this event, and it is an incredible site to see. Each team has their own area around camp as their home base, and all of the kids are sitting on the white benches in front of their cabins, waiting to see which team comes to grab them. It begins. Coaches and Captains run up to their youngest campers cabin, give a heartfelt fire up speech, scream their name, throw them a t-shirt and then pick them up, literally and emotionally. The pure joy on all of the campers faces as they are selected is of genuine excitement, and extreme anticipation at the prospect of winning the Week.

Immediately following the forming of the teams, we jump right into our first activity. The teams square off in their first team event, which is followed by the first activity period after dinner. The events have been great and the teamwork and sportsmanship are on display. The teams have already bonded and are coming together to be one unit. We will update the scores a couple of times a day, you can follow them here:

Fire up! The Week Starts Now!

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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