Ojibwa Scouting Report – The Week Starts….soon.


This week, like every other, has been epic. Anticipation and excitement are building for the most incredible week of camp, Collegiate Week. But first we have to complete the league play and playoffs. Playoffs are well underway and many a championship have been won. You know the Championships are here because every activity period, more and more teams are heading toward the waterfront to take their victory jump off the high dive. Tonight, we had an epic Watermelon Basketball Championship featuring J. Oliver’s team against B. Rudman’s. The game was close, for the entire time, and came down to a three pointer within the last 20 seconds, by B. Rudman to bring the game into OT. After a back and forth OT period, J. Oliver’s team had a chance to win with a last second shot, but it didn’t fall. Off to second OT, which saw J. Oliver’s team pull away and ultimately win an incredibly hard fought game.

Outside of our playoffs, our staff organized and hosted a Camper vs. Staff edition of Family Feud. Campers and staff were polled and the top answers to several questions were posted. Ultimately, the Camper family took the W, but the entire camp had a fun time watching them play!

Now, to the Week. Assistant Coaches were selected and we will be going live tomorrow, at 11:30am, on Instagram for the Draft Order and First Round picks. Congrats to our Assistants. Here are the coaching duos for the 2019 Collegiate Week:

  • Oregon – Isaac Rothstein (HC) and Noah Prebish (AC)
  • Kentucky – Adam Gold (HC) and Cole Valfer (AC)
  • Michigan State – Sam Kleinmuntz (HC) and Sam Schactman (AC)
  • Nevada – Jackson Kramer (HC) and Jonathon Wasserman (AC)
  • UCLA – Seth Humerick (HC) and Jeff Lehrman (AC)
  • Indiana – Jordan Raye (HC) and Charlie Sconovacco (AC)
  • Air Force – Noah Kaplan (HC) and Evan Deutsch (AC)
  • Hawaii – Zach Rothenberg (HC) and Josh Mack (AC)
  • Texas – Zach Dolnick (HC) and Gio Diaz (AC)
  • North Carolina – Noah Andre (HC) and Steve Feldman (AC)

Good luck to all of our teams and coaches. THE WEEK STARTS NOW!

Here’s to Camp Ojibwa,

Joel and Joey


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