Nature Trail

Circumnavigate the perimeter of camp and lead yourself deep into the woods where you are immersed into the beauty of the Northwoods.  Stumble upon the cabin campfire sites, the archery pit, the zip line, and then find yourself back on the Campus.

Individual Campfire Sites

Every Thursday, our cabins will congregate at their individual campfire sites that provide the perfect setting to have a relaxing cookout.

Camp Campfire Site

Hosting our all camp campfires and Sunday Town Hall meetings, the Camp Campfire site is a place to reflect and celebrate the natural beauty of Ojibwa.

Archery Range

Featuring three targets and bows that can accommodate a variety of ages and skill levels, our archery range is a must-try activity.

History Museum

We celebrate the rich history of Camp Ojibwa over the past 90+ years and built a free-standing structure for campers, staff, alumni, and guests to see the incredible artifacts, pictures, and memorabilia.

Zip Line

The Zip Line features a canopy tour through Ojibwa’s swamp lands.  Climb a towering 65’ to reach the first platform and “zip away”, across the wondrous swamps to the second platform. From there, our certified instructor, will tether you to the second zip line and whisk you back to earth exhilarated and ready for another trip.

Lake Courts

Lighted courts which feature two regulation sized basketball, or two regulation sized tennis courts.

Cabin 14

Our oldest campers cabin, and premiere accommodations. This lodge style cabin provides our oldest campers with a greater sense of independence and community.  Campers are awestruck by the mystery of Cabin 14 and all strive to one day be able to stay in Cabin 14.

Health Center

Updated health center with two exam rooms and several rooms for campers who need to be admitted to stay overnight.

Main Office

The Main Office is home to our Head Staff and is the central nervous system of our operation.  Our Directors and Administrative staff are available for campers to pop-in, or to respond to any parent requests.  In addition, our main office is home to our sundries store where campers can purchase any necessities they may have run out of like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bug spray, sunblock, among other items.

Mess Hall

Our historic Mess Hall is home to all of our wonderful meals served by Chef Kyle and our Kitchen team.  The rich history can be felt the moment you step inside and are greeted with 90 years of plaques that feature the league and Collegiate Week champions.  Each plaque features a different design and is a common topic of conversation during meal time.


Camp Ojibwa has three public bathrooms and shower houses dispersed evenly throughout camp, conveniently situated nearby every cabin. Every night, the counselors make sure campers shower after the day’s activities, before bed. Showers are available with full privacy in individual stalls with shower curtains. All cabins at Ojibwa have private bathrooms.

Pinners Courts

Originating at Camp Ojibwa, Pinners is a popular game where you throw a tennis ball at a set of stairs to have it land in a designated area.  You earn a Single, Double, Triple, or Home Run depending on the area it lands in and you play 9 innings with three outs per “hitter”.

Main Campus

Our featured diamond is home to Cabins 1-13. The cabins surround the Main Campus in a semi-circle, inviting campers to step out into the most maximally inclusive environment.

GaGa Pit

Our GaGa pit, located just outside our youngest camper cabins features a turf floor and wood siding, with enough room to support huge GaGa matches.


Home to all out Waterfront activities, and a focal point on the campgrounds.  

OJ Park

Come and play miniature golf, Horseshoes, Box Hockey, or hit golf balls into our driving range nets.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts garage is a focal point during Rec Period.  Here campers enjoy drawing, painting, building popsicle stick structures, dream catchers, lanyards, kites, airplanes, and many other craft projects.

Muscle Beach

A fully stocked weight room featuring all of the free weights and machines that you need to get swole. During Rec Periods there are always experienced lifters on duty promoting safety and technique.

Rec Hall

Home to our stage and screen events, the Rec Hall is where we host many of our all camp gatherings and social events.  Together the campers watch movies, play Blizzard Bingo, participate in our Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, among many other late evening activities.

Cabin 15

Cabin that is primarily utilized for Father & Son which houses up to 34 people and features a private bathroom with toilets, urinals and sinks for our guests.

Diamonds 2 and 3

Two additional softball fields that are used to play 12” or 16” softball during league play.

Volleyball Courts

Our three sand volleyball courts are used for league play and also are home to many fun Neucombe games.

Climbing Wall “The Monster”

Camp Ojibwa’s 55’ “Monster” climbing wall provides challenges for climbers of all ages and skill levels.  

Shuffle Board

A favorite Rec Period activity combining strategy and skill, Shuffle Board is also a featured event for our Prep teams in the Ojibwa Olympics and Collegiate Week.

Trampoline Basketball

Featuring 4 trampolines, each with a basketball net off the back, campers jump and shoot to try to make baskets on each others hoops.

Trail Basketball Court

The Trail Basketball Court is our Featured Court, and was just refurbished in 2016. It features a forgiving surface and scoreboard to help keep score of our Grapefruit, Pineapple and Watermelon games.  It also features two courts with 9’ baskets for our Peach league.

Trail Tennis Courts

Our three Trail Tennis Courts were resurfaced in 2019 to feature an artificial turf surface, and can be reconfigured to act as one large field, when we remove the tennis posts.  The Trail Tennis Courts are used for tennis, Volleyball, Pop Tennis, and is home to our soccer clinics and other sports as well.

Hockey Rink

The Hockey Rink features three courts for floor hockey and lights to allow the ability for our late evening floor hockey and to utilize the courts for other Late Evening programming, like Dodgeball, wiffle ball, and more.

Patriot Courts

The Patriot Courts feature two lighted basketball and two tennis courts, and were resurfaced in 2019.

Field of Dreams

Our lighted baseball diamond featuring home and away dugouts, and a tall fenced backstop. We utilize the Field of Dreams for baseball, and softball.

Far Field

The Far Field, features three soccer/flag football fields and can be used to host three additional softball fields, if needed. The Far Field is home to All Camp events like Capture the Flag, and with a portion of the field having lights, we are able to play late evening games as well.

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