2nd 4 Week Camp

Beginning in mid-July and running for 4 weeks, our Second Session features the signature event of Camp Ojibwa’s program – Collegiate Week.

“The Week” is one of the single greatest team building exercises that you or your son will ever encounter. It is something you have to see to truly believe.

Our Second Session is also ideal for boys who may have commitments to athletic teams at home. The timing of the Second Session allows boys to participate in summer practices throughout June and into July, and still be able to get away and enjoy the summer at camp. Numerous high school coaches have expressed admiration for camp’s structured league sports program (Basketball, Softball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, and Soccer or Volleyball) and countless varsity athletes have benefited from our fun, but competitive environment.

The Second Session also allows boys to do all of the things that they’d expect to be able to do at a top-rated summer camp including: tennis, baseball, lacrosse, weight training, swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, climbing, zip lining, arts & crafts, drama, outdoorsmanship, and much, much more!

Sunday July 14 – Wednesday August 7 


Transportation charge: $175 each way if child takes the bus


  • Early bird discount (must be enrolled by October 1 and pay deposit in full) = $250
  • Referral Discount = $200 per every referred camper that enrolls
  • Sibling Discount = $300 off for each additional sibling
  • Deposit (due at enrollment) = $1000

Deposits refundable until October 15.

Pay in full or pay in installments:

We have two options for tuition payments. 

  • Option 1: after the initial deposit is paid, the balance is paid in equal non-refundable monthly payments beginning November 1, with the final payment due April 1.
  • Option 2: pay in full with enrollment, with a $300 discount on an 8-week session; $200 discount on a 4-week session, and $100 discount on a two week session. Payment becomes non-refundable as installments are due in increments of the installments.

Deposits must be made at the time of enrollment with a debit card (no fee), e-check (no fee), or credit card (3.5% fee).
2023 campers have enrollment priority until August 14, 2023.

For further enrollment information or to schedule a home visit, contact Ross or Linsey at info@campojibwa.com or (312) 961-3262

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