Covid-19 Preparations


(updated 5/11/21)

While camp did not run in 2020, we invested a great deal of time and energy creating a thorough and professionally supported COVID-19 Safety Plan. We put that plan into place during our 2020 JC, SC, and Cabin 14 programs and during our four weeks of Post Camp, all without a single COVID case and with minimal intrusion on our campers, staff, and Post Camp guests.

Camp Ojibwa will be open for camp in 2021!  We are watching CDC and state and local guidelines, and we are meeting regularly with medical professionals, camp experts, and other camp owners/directors to discuss COVID protocols.  

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding COVID.  Given the changing landscape of the virus and the continued rollout of the vaccine, we expect continued changes in our protocols, and we will update this page regularly.  We will always be guided by two goals in this process – giving our campers the best, most fun, and most “normal” camp experience possible, and taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of our campers and everyone on the Ojibwa grounds.  

We are always happy to take feedback and answer questions as to where we stand at any given time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or suggestions or would like to discuss any COVID-related issue.

1. Will camp be a closed campus this summer?

 At this point, we are planning for a mostly closed campus, meaning campers and staff would remain in camp for the summer.  Restricting the flow of people in and out of camp is the simplest way to ensure a COVID-free camp.  We may revisit this on a limited basis depending on virus prevalence, staff and camper vaccination status, additional science on whether vaccinated people can still transmit the virus, and other factors.  We also may look into “bubble” outings, where groups of staff and/or campers can leave camp in a “bubble” environment.

Regardless of whether staff or campers are permitted to leave camp, some limited outsiders will need to be admitted to the  camp grounds, e.g. for deliveries and maintenance.  We plan strict safety measures for such outsiders, including requiring masks for all non-camp personnel at all times, as well as all camp personnel who interact with non-camp personnel.

We are running two programs prior to Camp – our annual BPS program, which runs from June 10-13, and our Father/Son program, which runs from June 17-20.  All adults coming to either program are required to have proof of vaccination and a negative test result in order to participate in these programs.

2. What will be the “quarantine guidelines” prior to camp?

At this time, we do not anticipate asking campers to strictly “quarantine” for any specific time period prior to Camp.  We do not believe a 10 or 14 day quarantine is a realistic expectation, and after careful discussion with our medical team, we believe that the protocols we are putting in place will allow us to not require a strict quarantine prior to camp.  We will likely ask all campers and their immediate families, in the days leading up to camp, to avoid crowds, particularly indoors (e.g., indoor graduation parties) or places with poor ventilation, and to wear a mask if for some reason you cannot.  We all need to work together to keep Camp COVID-free and while we will likely not have a strict “quarantine,” we hope that all of our families will limit exposure to the outside world in the days leading up to Camp. By doing so, we can ensure Camp Ojibwa stays COVID-free and our boys are able to have a great time with minimal COVID protocols and no COVID in Camp.

3. Will there be all sessions of camp as planned?

Yes, our plan is to run every advertised session of camp.  We strongly believe we can execute that plan and will do everything possible to make that plan happen.  Should we need to adapt or adjust for the safety of all involved, we will let you know as soon as possible to help you plan.   

4. Will COVID testing be implemented in the plan?

Yes.  We will require two negative tests prior to arriving at Camp; first, a negative PCR test taken 2-4 days prior to your child’s session, and second, a rapid test at the bus, or upon arrival at Camp if the camper is not taking the bus.  We are providing a simple testing option – handled through insurance – so that your camper can take a COVID test in the days leading up to Camp, and we will have an unlimited number of rapid result tests at Camp so we can test anyone at any time.  In addition to the pre-Camp testing, we will have at least one more round of camper testing in the first few days of each session.  We will continue to follow public health guidelines and recommendations from our camp medical team to determine our specific testing protocols.

5. Will there be a COVID fee?


6. What if there is a positive result prior to camp?

If a camper  tests positive for COVID in the days leading up to camp, we will work with the family and take every reasonable step – in accordance with CDC guidelines and in conjunction with our medical staff – to ensure the camper can still come to camp.  There will most likely be a quarantine period and additional tests before anyone can enter camp after a positive test.  You can find current CDC guidelines here:

7. What if there is a positive result at camp?

We are planning for a COVID-free summer.  However, if an individual at camp tests positive, that will not end camp.  If a camper tests positive, we will notify the camper’s parents/guardian and work with them to determine whether the camper will stay at camp.  We are working on procedures to ensure that if camp has a positive COVID test or tests, we can isolate the individual(s), either on or off camp grounds, and work with our medical staff and the camper’s doctor to ensure both the health of the camper and that we do not have an outbreak.  

8. Will masks be part of the plan?

To a point.  While we want as normal a summer as possible, campers and staff should expect to wear masks at times, particularly at the start of camp.  The two easiest ways to reduce the likelihood of COVID at camp are  being outside and wearing a mask when not outside.  We do not expect that campers or staff will need to wear a mask when outside or when in their cabins.      

9. What about parents’ weekend?

Unfortunately, we will not have a visiting weekend in 2021.  We will have some form of virtual visits and parent involvement, and will be in touch with our full summer and 6-week campers to discuss in the coming weeks.

10. Will staff be required to be vaccinated?

Our goal is to have everyone at Camp who is aged 12 or older be vaccinated.  The early data on the vaccines shows extremely high levels of efficacy, and we urge everyone who can to get vaccinated.  Anyone 12 years of age or older is eligible now for the vaccine and we urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated.  We have been in touch with local health authorities and have scheduled vaccinations for our international staff upon their arrival.  

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