Additional Activities

Camp Ojibwa offers much more beyond sports, and some of our most popular and fun events happen when the whole camp is together.

Some of our Additional Activities include:

  • Outdoor Cooking – Every week, each Cabin participates in a Cookout, where they gather with their cabinmates and counselors to enjoy campfire cooking. Every cabin meets at their designated campfire site to enjoy a “home cooked” meal on the shores of Catfish Lake.
  • Fire Building – Campers work alongside their counselors to learn one of the oldest life skills, building a fire. We teach them different fire building techniques for different activities, whether you are cooking hamburgers, S’Mores, or building a bonfire to tell stories, our campers learn the art of fire building.
  • Arts and Crafts – One of the most popular destinations during Rec Period, our Arts and Crafts facility enables our campers to use their imagination and creativity to create true works of art. At Arts and Crafts, campers will paint, draw, design and build their own masterpiece, with guidance and instruction from our qualified and trained Arts and Crafts instructor.
  • Singing – As part of our late evening program, campers will demonstrate their singing talents during our camper talent show, or Cabin Sing nights.
  • Photography – Leverage the perfect canvas that is Camp Ojibwa and enable campers to learn the art of photography.
  • Blizzard Bingo – A favorite Late Evening activity, Blizzard Bingo, rewards campers with a Dairy Queen Blizzard when they hit that coveted B-I-N-G-O.
  • Movie Night – On many Saturday nights throughout the summer, we provide the camp with movie candy and show two, appropriately rated, feature films for the campers to choose from.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament – Each cabin hosts a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament to find their cabin Champion. The camp gathers in the Rec Hall for the Tournament of Champions to determine the overall Ojibwa Rock-Paper-Scissors Grand Champion.
  • Jeopardy – Camp Ojibwa Jeopardy tests campers knowledge across a wide variety of topics including OJ History, all the way to Fortnite. Kids and staff participate to win a special prize for their cabin.
  • Spelling Bee – Cabins nominate a featured speller who participates in testing their spelling prowess. The Master Speller earns a special treat for his cabin!
  • Town Trips – Every Tuesday, on Activity Day, our oldest cabins and featured Honor Cabins get bussed into town to enjoy a movie, local shopping and dinner.
  • Overnighters – An activity day favorite trip. A cabin sets off from the dock on a pontoon boat, through the chain of lakes to Scattering Rice lake. Once there, we anchor at a private island to set up camp. Campers learn to build their own tents and settle in for an evening of fire building, outdoor cooking, storytelling, and cabin bonding.
  • Socials – Throughout the summer, Camp Ojibwa will coordinate Socials with nearby girls camps including, Marimeta, Chippewa, and Agawak. Siblings, cousins, and friends enjoy this reunion and an opportunity to catch up on all of the fun they are having at Camp.

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